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About client

Founded in Rome in 2016 by Matteo Musa, FitPrime is a company operating in the wellness sector. Serving both B2B and B2C markets, FitPrime offers online workouts and personalized nutritional plans. Additionally, the company is active in the sports center market, particularly gyms, pools, and yoga centers, providing access to over 3000 facilities in Italy. Through discounted packages and offers, FitPrime aims to replace the traditional subscription model. Furthermore, these services can be utilized by Italian companies as employee benefits.

Project goals

At this moment, the BIU team is assisting FitPrime in implementing a new division of the company. Starting from market analysis and benchmarking within the industry, the team aims to draft a comprehensive Business Plan to guide FitPrime in the next steps of implementing their current and future services.

Final outcome of this project

What we appreciate most about this project is undoubtedly the opportunity to work with a well-established company in the market. This factor allows us to learn numerous insights, working alongside a founder who is now an entrepreneur with clear ideas and in-depth knowledge of their competitive environment and reality.