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Business development

Business Development



Devoted to fostering the internal development of our student society, we focus on creating a dynamic community. Through strategic initiatives and diverse programs, we aim to enhance individual talents and provide growth opportunities. Our efforts include leadership training, skill-building workshops, and fostering open communication.

We prioritize inclusivity and diversity, aiming to enrich the student experience and build a sense of unity. 



Services Offered

  • Team Work: 1 Project Manager and 4 associates
  • Long Term: 8 Month Program
  • Finance: Investor Days, Venture Building Activities
  • Energistically fabrica intuitive activities

Seeking feedback from members allows us to adapt our programs to evolving needs, ensuring their continued success.

In essence, our goal is to offer a holistic experience, preparing students for challenges and empowering them to make a positive impact on campus and beyond. 

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