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About client

Cargoful was founded in 2020 by individuals with diverse international experience and backgrounds in Amazon, McKinsey & Company, and MIT. Cargoful’s core business is its Transportation Management System (TMS), which enables end-to-end order management to optimize and simplify distribution operations. The offering has been successful in various sectors, particularly in retail, hospitality, e-commerce, home delivery, and last-mile distribution, as well as in establishing solid partnerships with Ferrarelle. Cargoful reduces the amount of time that transportation companies dedicate to fleet planning and management. The product is an open, intelligent, flexible, and extremely user-friendly SaaS solution. Regarding freight transportation operations, CargoFul mainly operates with Less-than-Truckload (LTL) rather than Full-Truckload (FTL), as in the latter case, potential clients do not present significant optimization opportunities, making the product unnecessary for them. A significant focus is placed on environmental impact and the possibilities of optimizing emissions tracking that each company produces through the software itself.

Project goals

The spokesperson for Cargoful with whom we interact is Luca Nardini, who has assigned us two tasks to focus on: the first being the expansion and positioning of the CargoFul brand in the professional sector through participation in events, trade shows, conferences, challenges, awards, and accelerators focusing on topics of Open Innovation, logistics optimization, and sustainability. The BiU team supports through continuous monitoring and updating of events and potential points of contact; the second task involves researching potential clients and market opportunities for Cargoful, thus taking a more commercial approach. In this second case, we assist the company through market research, competitor analysis, and identification of sales opportunities.

Final outcome of this project

Personally, we find the idea very valid and well-targeted. If we were to choose an element that pleasantly surprised us, we would choose two: firslty the transparency and clarity on the part of CargoFul regarding their expectations and growth plans, and then the ease and availability with which they have integrated and updated us about their processes and core business, demonstrating mastery and knowledge combined with a background of varied experiences from the founders.