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About client

VOYS is an app that allows users, once registered and having shared their information, contacts and social profiles, to find and be found by people nearby through a patented matching algorithm. The only condition is to be within a radius of 15 meters.

Project goals

Engage in comprehensive research, analysis, and outreach initiatives to forge strategic partnerships with event organizers and student societies, fostering collaborations to effectively promote our app during gatherings frequented by our target audience. Additionally, conduct thorough research, analysis, and liaison efforts with trade show organizers and major event coordinators seeking insights into their attendee demographics. Provide invaluable investor research support and contribute to startup evaluation processes. Moreover, offer expert marketing insights and consultancy services to optimize our social media presence and enhance brand visibility.

Final outcome of this project

Collaborating with Founders capable of blending their youthful entrepreneurial spirit with the experience gained in their careers up to now. In addition to the opportunity to see firsthand the behind-the-scenes of a startup that is already launched but still in its early stage of market establishment, where multiple attempts are often necessary before understanding the right direction to follow.