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About client

Hausme is a start-up in the real estate sector. It connects property owners and professionals and provides an instant report with cost and time forecasts for renovation works. It’s innovative because it uses an algorithm to generate predictions instantly, saving time in an activity that usually takes several hours.

Project goals

As a first task, we analyzed Hausme’s situation, suggesting new directions for the service, and now we’ll focus on business development. What we appreciate most about the project is the passion that the guys from the start-up put into it, reflected in their availability and willingness to involve us personally. We also find it particularly interesting to innovate in a traditionally change-resistant sector because it allows you to propose original solutions with a high degree of change.

Final outcome of this project

Finally, we like how open-minded the team members are in proposing new perspectives and actively participating in the project. Through a list of people who have left their contacts, the next step will likely be to verify their interest in the service offered and any feedback on potential changes.