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About client

Amilis is the first platform in the UK dedicated to fertility and egg freezing. The startup’s goal is to connect women with specialized medical clinics. Women will thus have access to an all-in-one platform where they can obtain information, compare clinics, and monitor the process of freezing their eggs.

Project goals

Last year, Amilis raised an initial round of investments of £700,000 and now intends to raise a second round to finance its growth beyond the UK. Build it Up is assisting Amilis in defining the business plan and developing a new revenue line aimed at further accelerating the platform’s growth.

Final outcome of this project

We are happy to collaborate with Amilis because they represent an example for all of us young people with big ambitions and a willingness to have a positive impact. The mission to democratize fertility preservation services and eliminate the stigma surrounding the topic is of great significance, and it is what motivates the entire Build It Up team to support Amilis with passion and dedication!