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About client

Affitto Mobili, born in 2020 after a trip to New York, offers an innovative online platform for renting or purchasing furniture at affordable prices, with a focus on out-of-town students and young professionals. The company values the unsold inventory of suppliers, reducing waste and promoting a sustainable business model. Its virtual platform connects those seeking temporary furnishing solutions with quality furniture at accessible costs.

Project goals

We are assisting Affitto Mobili in its growth journey as an Innovative Limited Liability Company (Srl Innovativa), analyzing the business potential and supporting the founders through the creation of a Pitch Deck for investors. Additionally, we are drafting a detailed Business Plan that provides a comprehensive understanding of the startup’s innovative¬†concept.

Final outcome of this project

The journey so far with Affitto Mobili is very stimulating and engaging. Being in the early stages of establishing itself as an Innovative Limited Liability Company (Srl Innovativa), there are several activities to develop that allow the team to enhance a critical and professional perspective towards a startup with significant potential.