Build It Up

What is Serenis ?

Serenis is an Italian-based start-up that was founded by Silvia Wang and Daniele Francescon in 2021. Its headquarters are based in Milan, and in less than one year from Serenis’ inception, €6.5 millions were fundraised from several investors (FG2 Capital, Lumen Ventures, Azimut Digitech Fund, Invictus Capital, and various business angels.) to fulfill the start-up commitment to increase access to mental health care and delivering therapy in its true essence.

Serenis operates in the digital health sector, specifically focusing on mental health. It offers professional online psychotherapy counselling services to a broad range of clients, from individuals dealing with everyday stress to those struggling with more serious mental health issues.
With the increasing awareness and need for mental health services, Serenis operates in a growing market, and it positions very well in the competitive online therapy market. Indeed, the company focuses seriously on privacy, affordability, and user experience.
Serenis immediately set itself an ambitious goal: to come out of silence and make the importance of therapy heard loud and clear in a context like the Italian one, where mental well-being is still too undervalued. For this reason, the start-up planned an integrated Out Of Home campaign with IGPDecaux that includes a maxi circuit in the Milan underground, a Jumbo Tram, a Fullwrap two-box tram and a Station Domination in Cordusio.
The creations tell what psychotherapy is by alternating useful information and awareness-raising messages designed to introduce and bring people closer to this world.
The symbols of the campaign are the posters affixed upside down: here a reversal of perspective is stimulated which consists of an extra effort to read the message. The final message is striking: “Those who go to therapy are not normal. But so are those who don’t go”, chosen in contrast to an outdated social stereotype.

How does it work ?

Serenis’ business model is centred around providing affordable and accessible mental health services. Serenis provides video-based psychotherapy, coaching, and psychological support courses, and it works thanks to the implementation of data analytics, which is used to match providers with patients.
The company generates revenue by charging users for therapy sessions after the three initial free sessions: the platform offers the flexibility of changing therapists up to three times, with the first session with each new therapist being free of charge. This feature is particularly beneficial for users trying to find the most suitable therapist for their needs.